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Our Vision

To create social equality by ensuring children access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.

The mission we took on.

2 Sides Equal is a 501(c) organization committed to expanding the spectrum of educational pursuits. We believe that all children are equal and deserve the chance to explore their potential.

Our vision is to create social equality by unleashing the full potential of the mind; one child at a time. 2 Sides Equal will achieve this by encouraging, enabling and promoting creative and divergent thinking activities to children of all ages.


Think differently about learning.

Primary education is currently focused on left brain thinking (mathematics & linguistics) and not on right brain creative and divergent thinking.  We believe both sides of the brain are equally important, and that in today’s increasingly changing and fast-paced global economy, both sides must be nourished to prepare students for college, life, and careers. 2 Sides Equal will help to prepare students for the real world by encouraging them to use both the left and right side together to solve not just today’s problems but tomorrow’s as well.

Passionate People.

We are fully staffed by volunteers (parents, teachers, and mentors) who are passionate about education and creative thinking.

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